Father’s Day Gift Ideas - Cool Presents for Dad
May 31st 2019 | Posted by Boli Optics

Father’s Day Gift Ideas - Cool Presents for Dad

With Father’s Day around the corner, we’ve put together a list of the Top 5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas. Get your dad a cool, unique, and practical gift this year that he’ll love!1. A Desktop Magnifying Lamp for Fathers Who Love Reading Perfect multi-function tool for reading and inspection Do you have a dad that loves to read? This is the perfect gift for them! This professional, high quality magnifying lamp makes reading easy and fun. It makes reading books, newspapers, and magazines a b …
Feb 15th 2019 | Posted by Boli Optics

Dentists Love These Microscopes!

The Boli Optics Stereo Microscope is the professional dental tool that has been changing the world of dentistry for the better. Dental work is a breeze with this microscope that reduces eye strain and reduces the chance of any mishaps. Boli Optics offers many stereo microscopes to choose from depending on your line of work in dentistry. See all of our  stereo microscopes here. This gooseneck stereo microscope has an 8X magnification providing a large working space for teeth impressio …
Jan 25th 2019 | Posted by Boli Optics

The Best 6 Coin Collecting Microscopes and Magnifiers

We've put together a list of 6 of the most popular microscopes and magnifying lamps for coin collecting. Remember that as the magnification increases, the field of view will decrease, so stay away from too high of magnification. We recommend to stay within 10x-30x magnifications.When collecting coins you will need help to examine and detect any imperfection, scratch and defect within the coin. The best way to identify these flaws are to use a microscope or magnifying lamp. These will also ide …
Jan 18th 2019 | Posted by Boli Optics

Glossary of Microscope Terms for Beginners

We put together a list of vocabulary you will tend to see and hear in the world of microscopy. Head: The upper part of the microscope that contains the eyepiece tube(s). There are different types of heads, monocular, binocular, trinocular and dual. Monocular Head: A microscope head with one eyepiece tube. These are recommended for beginners since they are usually more cost effective. See our  monocular microscopes here. Binocular Head: A microscope head with two eyepiece tubes …
Jan 11th 2019 | Posted by Boli Optics

How to Get the Most Out of Your Microscope

Take your inspections to the next level! From taking care of your microscope to modifying it in ways you never thought of, we listed all the ways you can get the most out of your microscope. Proper Cleaning Let's start off with one of the most important ways to keep your microscope functioning correctly, CLEANING! If you are new to the microscope world or have been using microscopes your whole life, you know how intimidating or time consuming it can be. Not to worry, we put together instr …