How can I request a quote?
Please see Request A Quote.


My credit card was declined at check out. How can I place my order online?
Our payment processor requires the exact street address (please note the spelling and abbreviations) to match what the credit card company has on file.
The payment is declined when the billing address entered does not exactly match the billing address on the card.
Please contact your bank to find out the exact Billing Street Address and Zipcode for the credit card, before placing the order again. 

If your bank has informed you of the exact street address, but the card is still declined, select PayPal at checkout to process the payment. By using PayPal Guest Checkout, this does not require you to have a PayPal Account.
From your Cart, click Checkout. At the Payment Step, click PayPal. Enter your details and select Guest Checkout.

Alternatively, please place the order using a different credit card.

If you need additional assistance, please email us at sales@bolioptics.com with your updated billing address.


Are BoliOptics parts/accessories compatible with my microscope?
Please check the product measurements and details under the Specifications tab for each product, to see whether the measurements match with your part.
If you need additional help, please email us at sales@bolioptics.com with the following:
1. The brand and model number of your product
2. A photo of your product
3. The specifications, measurements, or dimensions of the part you currently have


Does a product have special certifications?
We list the product certificates on our website, in the section underneath the Product SKU number.
Some new products have certificates, but are currently not shown on the website. Please send us an email at sales@bolioptics.com along with the Product SKU.


How can I place a Pre-Order?
You can place a pre-order directly on our website. To find out when your Pre-Order will be shipped, please send us an email at sales@bolioptics.com, with the following information:
1. Product SKU Number
2. How many units you need
3. How soon you need the product


Do you accept international orders?
Yes, we ship world wide. BoliOptics is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and expert advice internationally. Please see our international orders policy here.


What is your Return Policy?
Please see our Return Policy here.


How can I track my order? Where is my package?
Log into My Account to check the status of your order. 
We will e-mail you an order confirmation once the order has been processed, along with your tracking number.


How can I download the instructional manual or software for my product?
Please see this page: Donwload Manuals & Software




I’m new to microscopes and have never used one before. I’m interested in getting a microscope, what should I be looking for?

The kind of microscope you should get depends on what you’d like to look at. What applications will you be using your microscope for?

  • If you are inspecting microscopic organisms like pond water, bacteria, you will want a compound, high power Biological Microscope that uses slides.
  • If you are inspecting opaque objects at lower magnification like stamps, coins, or bugs, you will want a Stereo Microscope with a top light.

Choosing Magnification:

  • For coins, stamps, bugs: 5x – 45x. This enables you to see more surface area (larger field of view)
  • For bacteria, paramecium, microorganisms: 40x to 1000x. This enables you to see less surface area (smaller field of view). The high power compound microscope allows you to magnify your specimen for closer inspection.

Read our guide on How to Choose a Microscope here.


I’m not sure what kind of microscope I need for my application. Can you help make a recommendation?

Yes, we will gladly help you find the right microscope for your application.

Look through our Applications to see if any product suits your needs.

If you require assistance, please email us with the following information:
1. What will you be inspecting with the microscope?
2. Is the microscope for your workplace or personal use?
3. What specific features do you need?

We also offer a wide selection of microscope accessories and can help you select the best one for your application.