What are SMD LED Lights?
Dec 4th 2018 | Posted by Boli Optics

What are SMD LED Lights?

We’re all familiar with LED lights, but have you heard of an SMD LED light? This is a new type of LED technology that will change the way you think about regular LED’s.

What is SMD?
An SMD stands for a surface mount device. Surface mounted devices use SMT (surface-mount technology) to mount LED chips onto printed circuit boards (PCB).

What does this mean for you?
Magnifying lamps made with SMD light ultimately save you time and money. Here’s why you should make the change:

SMD magnifying lamps shine brighter than traditional LEDs, fluorescent, and CFL lamps without generating heat.

This makes it more pleasant to work under cool light, especially if you are working with detailed work for a long time like soldering. Estheticians also love SMD LED lamps, as the cool light is more comforting to their clients, and don’t get hot to the touch.

SMD magnifying lamps last longer, and are more energy efficient compared to traditional lights by providing up to 50,000 hours of light.

Spend less time on replacing your lamp, and more time on your  craft!

Each Boli Optics magnifying lamp is made with SMD LED light technology.

We use professional grade, genuine diopter optical glass lenses, which provides crystal clear magnification without glare. Unlike cheaper lamps that only paste plastic magnifying sheets onto ordinary glass, Boli Optics magnifying lamps resist scratches with its high quality glass and metal components.

Why you should choose a Boli Optics magnifying lamp for your work:

Boli Optics magnifying lamps are ergonomically designed. The 4 adjustable light settings allow you to work under your desired brightness.

The lamp stays in place for hands free use (no wobbling). Unlike cheap, plastic lamps, our lamps feature a heavy-duty adjustable metal framework that easily attaches to tables and work surfaces, and stays in place so you can work with both hands. The locking pin feature to prevent unintended lifting.

The Clamp magnifying lamp frees up your desk space, by only using 2 inches of table space.

The adjustable spring arm & 360° swivel base joint provides 360-degree swivel motion in any direction.

If you work with electronics, PCB, or solder,  these ESD safe, anti-static (Black) Magnifying Lamps are perfect for you.

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